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Inclusivity Through Accessibility

Freedom Mortgage is focused on helping all Americans realize the dream of homeownership regardless of your unique circumstances. To fulfill that mission, we are committed to making sure that everyone, including those with disabilities, have the same access to all the information available on our website. We believe that inclusivity and accessibility provide a stronger connection to all the communities we serve.

How We Do It

Freedom Mortgage incorporates leading web accessibility practices on our site using the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2.1AA). These standards ensure that people with auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech and visual disabilities can use our websites and applications equally.

We also partner with an outside vendor to monitor the website 24/7 against these accessibility standards to ensure compliance and detect any issues in the site’s usability. In addition, we test the site by hand periodically using ADA browsers and assistive technologies such as screen readers to ensure the website functions well with these tools.

Our Tools

Closed captioning

Available on all audio content, so those with auditory issues can read the text instead

Speech browsers

These incorporate text to speech on web pages to allow blind users to hear the content on the page

Color contrast and user-friendly colors

These allow people with colorblindness or other vision issues to view the content on approved, readable background and font colors on the page

Readable font size

This ensures that text can be expanded to 200% on websites by using a 16pt font size and no smaller than 12pt for footnotes

Headings & labels

These help people and screen readers easily navigate the page sections through headings and labels to help understand their relationships


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Accessibility Tips

Any of the latest browsers of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge will be accessible.

You can change the text size in your Windows computer by using Ctrl+ (Control Plus) to zoom in or Ctrl- (Control Minus) to zoom out. On a Mac computer, you would use the Option-Command key instead of Control.

If you’re in Google Chrome, open a new tab and on the bottom right you’ll see a button that says Customize Chrome. There you can choose different colors and themes. In Firefox, in the Add-Ons menu you can choose Light or Dark themes that changes the background to contrast with the font colors.

In Microsoft Edge, there is a Read Aloud function you can access with the shortcut Ctr+Shift+U on a Windows computer. In Chrome, you can add the Read Aloud extension to the browser. In Firefox, it’s built in and can be accessed through the Add-Ons menu option.

Mobile devices also have many accessibility features depending on your phone. On an iPhone and Android, under Settings, there is an Accessibility section. There you can choose visibility, hearing or interaction enhancements such as voice over, zoom, or adjust display and text size.

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