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Freedom Mortgage Learning Center

The knowledge you need to choose the right loan!

Couple having conversation in front of laptop, surrounded by moving boxes
How to apply for a mortgage

About your mortgage loan application

Couple looking over paperwork in their dining room
What is mortgage insurance?

Compare different loan types and consider the overall cost of your payments

Smiling couple going over documents with agent
What are closing costs?

Find out what to expect to pay on closing day

What are restrictive covenants in real estate?

Learn about Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

woman at her desk on a laptop.
How to find property lines

Learn how to determine where your property lines are

woman in front of a house taking notes on a clipboard.
What is encroachment in real estate?

Find out how encroachments can present challenges to homeowners

Woman on porch with dog and moving boxes
How to buy a house

Your step-by-step guide to buying a home

Couple holding cellphone in celebration
How to get prequalified for a mortgage

Jump start your home search with prequalification

Asian couple packing moving boxes
How much money do you need to buy a house?

Decide whether can afford to buy a home

How much does it cost to sell a home?

You can pay commissions, closing costs, taxes, and more

How to price your home for sale

Consider value, condition, the market, and more

What do real estate attorneys do?

Find out how they help home buyers and sellers

Older couple looking at paperwork at laptop
How much does it cost to refinance a mortgage?

Average refinance closing costs, “no cost” refinancing, and more.

Couple indoors with dog
Should you refinance your mortgage?

Reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) refinance your home

Interracial couple with mobile tablet
How to remove PMI from your mortgage

Get rid of mortgage insurance on FHA and conventional loans

Smiling family cooking together
Refinance an FHA loan to a conventional loan

Learn how it might help you save on mortgage insurance

Smiling couple looking at documents in front of laptop
What is a mortgage recast?

Learn one way you can change your monthly mortgage payment

Man reading documents in front of laptop
How often can you refinance?

Learn how many times refinancing your home makes sense

Couple looking at paperwork in kitchen
5 reasons to get a cash out refinance

Your home’s equity can help you get cash

Father playing with children and garden hose
What is home equity?

Learn why the equity in your home matters

Couple in kitchen looking at laptop
Cash out refinance credit scores

Find out the minimums for conventional, FHA, and VA loans

What is a home improvement loan?

How to pay for home renovations

6 ways to increase your home’s living space

Renovation ideas that don’t require major construction

mother sitting with daughter surrounded by boxes.
What is delayed financing?

How to buy a house with cash then get a mortgage

Veteran father playing outdoors with daughter
How to apply for a VA loan

Learn more about eligibility and VA loan applications

African-American woman in kitchen looking through documents
How to apply for an FHA loan

Learn more about eligibility and FHA loan applications

Smiling father, mother and two children
FHA vs. conventional loans

Learn the differences between FHA and conventional loans

Daughter hugging her veteran mom
What is the minimum credit score for a VA loan?

Find out what VA loan credit scores you need

African-American veteran on porch with daughter
What is a VA funding fee?

Learn current funding fee rates, how much you might pay, and more helpful information

Couple signing documents with agent
What are VA loan closing costs?

Learn how much you might pay for closing costs on a VA loan

Need Help Crunching the Numbers?

money bag with calculator icon.
Home affordability calculator

Estimate the prices of homes you can afford and the monthly payments that might come with them.

icon of a piece of paper with a dollar sign on it with a calculator next to it.
Refinance calculator

Find out how much you might save by lowering your interest rate.

Get started today by getting a personalized evaluation of your home loan options from Freedom Mortgage.

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