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Follow these steps to help make your dream home a reality.

Ready to buy your first home? Our checklist will help ensure you have everything in order and are prepared for this important milestone.

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First Time Homebuyer Checklist infographic
First Time Homebuyer Checklist
First Time Homebuyer Checklist

Other Checklists

Let us help you make the mortgage experience as smooth as possible.

Mortgage Application Checklist header image with hands going over a list on paper Mortgage application checklist

Check out the list of documents you need to gather to apply for a mortgage.

Moving checklist header: Image of moving van Moving checklist

Our timeline can help you organize your tasks and help make your move go smoothly.

Cash Out Refinance Checklist infographic header: Image of a home Cash out refinance checklist

Ready to take advantage of the equity in your home? Gather this list of necessary information.