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Understanding Your Monthly Mortgage Statement

About Your Payment Amount, Payment Date, Escrow Balance, and More

Your billing statement has information that helps you understand your mortgage payments and manage your finances.

What Information Will You Find on Your Mortgage Statement?

Your mortgage statement contains information about your account, payment history, and how much is due for your next mortgage payment. The information you'll find on your Freedom Mortgage statement includes:

Contact Information

Contact Information: This section provides Contact Information for our Customer Care team, including our hours of operation and phone number.

Loan Number: This is your mortgage account number. Be sure to keep it handy when calling Customer Care, as we will use this to reference your account.

Payment Due Date: This is when your next mortgage payment is due.

Amount Due: This section details how much is due for your next mortgage payment. It will also tell you the amount of a late fee if your payment is late.

Account Information

Outstanding Principal: Your principal is the amount of money you owe on your mortgage loan.

Interest Rate: Your Interest Rate is the amount you pay to borrow your principal, shown as a percentage.

Escrow Balance: Your Escrow Balance is the amount we hold to pay your property taxes, homeowners insurance, and mortgage insurance (if applicable) when these bills come due. Learn more about escrow.

Explanation of Amount Due: This section breaks down how your payment is allocated each month toward principal, interest, and escrow, as well as any fees or charges.

Transaction Activity

Transaction Activity: You’ll find information about fees, charges, and payments over the course of the past month listed in this section.

Past Payments Breakdown

Paid Last Month: On the left of your Past Payments Breakdown is your previous month’s payment, including a detailed account of how the funds were applied.

Paid Year to Date: On the right of your Past Payments Breakdown is the total amount paid during the calendar year, including a detailed account of how the funds were applied.

Important Messages

Important Messages: Here you will find any alerts or messages about your account. Be sure to check this space often.

Mortgage Payment Due

Amount Due: The bottom section of your billing statement contains the total Amount Due and the due date. It also indicates when the grace period will end. You may be charged late fees if your payment is not made by the end of the grace period.

This bottom section of your billing statement is detachable, allowing you to easily send a check by mail for your payment. When you have set up automatic payments, this section will confirm the bill is for informational purposes only.

Last reviewed and updated August 2023 by Freedom Mortgage.


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