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How to get your 2022 Mortgage Interest Statement

Download your 1098 Form from Freedom Mortgage

Your 2022 year-end Mortgage Interest Statement will be available by January 31, 2023. To download a copy, log in to your account, navigate to "Account Details" and then select "Statements" from the menu. Or, if available, by navigating to "Tax Documents" on the left hand menu. Scroll to the "Year End Statement" section and click on the 2022 form. Statements from previous tax years are also available through your online account.

Freedom Mortgage will mail a copy of your year-end statement by January 31. Keep an eye out for this form so you can prepare your taxes.

What is the Mortgage Interest Statement or Form 1098?

This statement shows the mortgage interest you paid during a calendar year. If you have an escrow account, your statement may also show the property taxes and homeowners insurance you paid. You get these statements from your mortgage loan servicer.

Current IRS rules allow you to deduct mortgage interest payments from your taxes when you itemize your deductions. See our article on mortgage tax deductions to learn more and speak with your tax professional to understand if taking this deduction is right for you.

Last reviewed and updated December 2022 by Freedom Mortgage Corporation.

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